New Kollage Square Crochet Hooks + Fave Links

We are super-excited to announce the launch of the new Kollage Square Crochet Hooks!
Medium Rounded Crochet Hook Kollage Square Louet
Kollage Square Crochet Hooks have an ergonomic, square handle that makes for comfortable crocheting!
The inline hook is available in either a Pointed or a Rounded Tip, so you can pick what suits your crocheting style and project, best!
Rounded and Pointed Kollage Square Crochet Hooks
The Pointed Tip is great for tight stitches (either because you crochet tightly, or are doing a hard-to-get-into stitch pattern). Having a pointed hook allows you to slip into tight stitches more easily, reducing wrist and hand pain.
The Rounded Tip is fabulous for splitty yarns, as the rounded tip easily slides between the loops of the stitch, and not the plies of your yarn!
Kollage Square Crochet Hook
Both feature a square, ergonomic handle with a thumb rest which allow for comfortable crocheting. Less hand and wrist pain mean more crocheting!

Which one will you choose? Or maybe you need both, depending on the project! Check out the selection of Pointed Tip and Rounded Tip Hooks!

Fave Links

Here are a few links that I hope you’ll enjoy!