Kollage Needles in Action

Let’s Get Knitting!

Kollage Knitting Needles

Last month we shared how Louet North America brought Kollage Knitting Needles up to Ontario (click here if you missed it!). Production continues, with more inventory being made every day! As we continue to stock the shelves, let’s take a look at a few projects which knitters on Ravelry and Instagram are making with our Square Circular Knitting Needles!   

Stacey Trock knitting with Louet and Kollage Needles

Stacey Trock has shared several pictures of her projects in progress with Kollage Needles. She shared a bit of feedback about using them on her Instagram:


  • Yup, I do like them! I’m using the interchangeables and the fixed needles come in both firm and soft cord.


  • You gauge may change when you use these… but to be honest, your gauge may change with ANY new needle! The grippiness, material, etc all plays into gauge. You should get in the habit of doing a swatch with every needle+yarn combo.

Kollage Knitting Needles Spotted on InstagramWhen you share your picture on Instagram, we encourage you to use #KollageNeedles so we can make sure to see it! Shown above from left to right: Donna’s bound off band, Theresa’s hat crown, and Rebecca’s swatching.  

August 2016 Kollage Needles Promo

Selecting your knitting needles comes down to personal preference. The yarn, stitch pattern, and needle that you choose will all make a difference in your project’s outcome, as well as the experience as you work. Initially, the square needle shape may feel a little different in your hands – that’s because it IS different! Working a swatch will give your hands the opportunity to become comfortable and relax into the motion of making the stitches with your chosen needles.


We’re excited for you to give our square needles a try! During the month of August, enjoy a 33% discount when you order any three in-stock Kollage needle products. Use Promotional code KLNA1 during checkout to activate your special pricing.
Have you tried Kollage Knitting Needles? Click on over to our Ravelry group to share your experience with other knitters and share photos of your projects! You can also connect with us on the Kollage Needles Facebook page!